Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lady Sovereign single isn't bad

That newest Lady SOvereign single is kind of catchy. it is used during the commercial for the black phone that looks knd of like an ipod. i think the song is called love me or hate me. I heard it, thought it wa catchy, downloaed the whole song, agreed that it was still catchy. I downlaoded her first cd and wasnt too impressed. too raw. english rap is just kind of weird. its noth the accent, but rather the whole undergroup english rap music. the tracks are just too techno/underground/notgood. jay z supposedly sigend her to def jam, so hopefully he can turn her tracks around. she has an interesting voice and quite a following in the uk, so opefully she does well with a more widely released album. I dont think the single/cd is out with love me or hate me, but you can find a streaming version on the web prertty easily. I recommend checking it it. anyways, more later. adios.